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Post Production


A happy video is worth rewinding again and again . A video will only create the required impact only if it has that x factor which makes it striking in the viewers eyes. Thus having a collection really prolific video editors comes handy , who give equal significance to each and every project. At qmedia we have video creators who are inventive, original and everytime strive hard to put new things on clients plate. Post production involves usage of technical as well as non technical equipments and processes. Maintaining the balance between both is quite intricate. At qmedia we take care of all the minute details so that we put the best we can to make every video that we edit appear extravagant and striking in the eyes of our clients.



Creating a smile worth melting people’s heart is an art that qmedia emplayees have inhibited . As a professional cinematographer , we keep our focus on the best moments that make you want to replay those moments once again. Transforming one’s idea and expectations to reality is one of biggest hurdles that as a cinematographer can face. At qmedia we make it a point to live the idea our clients potray so that we can render our services as per their expectations.

Corporate advertisement


Every business in order to get to niche in its industry has to work hard no only from its finance point of view but also has to work hard on its marketing . Atqmedia, we focus on making effective advertisments that highlight the company’s product/service and increase brand awareness and goodwill of the clients’ company.

creative ideas

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